Monday, October 31, 2011

Scales of Injustice

Week 2 Weigh-In: -1.4 lb

Total Loss: -7.6 lb

seriously??? really???? i followed south beach phase one sooooo good....and one stinking poound??? ok....i can force myself to be happy....

Hello Week 3!!! Bon Jour Phase 2!!! i thought you'd NEVER get here!!

today's menu included apples and grapefruit and sweet potato!!!! ooooh-lah-la!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Life's BIG Questions

should a lane bryant shopper own roller skates? we are about to find out. i bought these puppies on ebay for a screamin' deal!

they are at my house this minute waiting for me to try them on. the anticipation mounts. it's a great and fun way to get in a workout, huh?

speaking of great work outs, i have been doing something that has seriously been giving me some monster guns!

i have been working at a stable! yup!!!! a horse stable! how cool am i???? and guess what im doing to get these major muscles?

yeah......i didnt say it was glamorous....

but i get to see this

even though i have to shovel this.....

its a great opportunity to learn about horses and be in a barn. things i could never do otherwise. for my one month reward i am buying myself a horseback riding lesson....which brings us back to my first question.....

should a lane bryant shopper be on a horse?

we are about to find out!!!

Week on the Beach

i decided to do the south beach diet. do i sound thrilled? i lost 6 lb week 1. terrific. yeah, sure. im not hungry. but i feel like i have zero a fog. is this carb withdrawal? i just dont know if this is the right diet for me.

there's just something that feels deeply wrong about being a diet and not being able to eat fruit. i dont care WHAT phase you're in.

i always come back to this dilemma. what plan do i follow?????? i dont know.

i heard about this diet called "the 17 day diet".....seems kinda cool. the book is pink. thats a plus.

speaking of pink, i got a cool new water bottle. its the best water bottle EVER.