Tuesday, November 8, 2011

W3 Weigh-In

so i gained 0.4 lb this week. yeah im sad but im over it.

on the brighter side, i found an incredible weight training program. i was at the gym the other day and ran into a friend of mine....a friend who has been looking rather fabulous as of late. this particular friend is a little on the chubby side despite the fact that she is a total gym rat and faithful weight watchers follower. we dont really talk that much about diet and exercise but in the past she has mentioned her frustration over not being able to lose weight despite her strenuous efforts.

i noticed she was holding a clip board with a printout full of notes. thats when she let me in on her secret. she is doing Body For Life.

yes. due to the fact that i have been living under a rock (apparently) i hadnt heard of it before.

she proceeded to tell me how instead of going to the gym EVERY day (and i do mean every day) and running on the treadmill for miles and miles and doing a weight lifting routine that a "personal trainer" at the gym put together for her, she now only does 45 mins of weights and (are you ready?) twenty (*TWENTY*) minutes of cardio every OTHER day! the results?

fabulous! in just one month she has dropped weight and significantly changed her body. sold!

the basic idea is that for weight lifting is that for each muscle you do 12 reps at one weight, then add weight and do 10 reps, then add weight and do 8 reps, then add weight and do 6 reps, then reduce weight and do 12 reps....THEN you do another exercise for the same muscle and do 12 reps. if you actually care about the details, you can read all about it here.

i walked around the gym yesterday holding my book and reading about every exercise before i actually did it. i felt like a total loser. but the results were worth it. im sore in all the right places today!