Sunday, November 2, 2008

Back to the Old Grind

ive been on a rather extended "vacation" the last few weeks. tomorrow it's back to the old grind.

how do i feel about this? mad that im a grown up and have to pay for my rent, phone, car insurance, and food. it would be a lot easier if i was just independently wealthy.

on the bright side, being at work is good for being on plan. it's structured and there isnt a lot of junk food available (usually). i also only get a half hour for lunch. so i HAVE to bring my lunch. it might as well be healthy, right?

i went clothes shopping today. yuck. the last time i went to Lane Bryant, i was a PETITE RED 3. now. oh god. im a PETITE RED 7. yes. freaking S-E-V-E-N. and they were T-I-G-H-T. i was also wearing 14/16 on top last time i was there....i just bought two sweaters size 26/28. this is why i am for gun control. if i owned a gun....well, it would be messy. (any ways...that's a photo one of the sweaters i got)

i really havent been doing any thing to better myself. ive been sending out a lot of good thoughts? does that count? my hips say "no".....

it just boggles my mind that i have gained all this weight. i didnt FEEL myself getting fatter....and it all happened in a matter of weeks. like a few months. sad.

that's why when i read all those bloggers out there who have a 1 lb or 2 lb loss and are disappointed in themselves i want to SCREEEEEAAAAAM. even if there is a zero loss!! if you are on plan all week, CELEBRATE!!! you did it!!! one more week that you DID it!!! enjoy it. be happy about it. brag about it!!!!

i sure will!


Char said...

I agree!!! If you stuck with it for the DAY even, give yourself a pat on the back! I hate clothes shopping, blah. Lane Bryant does have some cute stuff, though. :) I also like Fashion Bug. They're owned by the same company as LB. Good luck this week!

Mrs. Skye-Lynn Young said...

Love, Love, Love your last full paragraph! ;o)

Cute sweater, too!

Bridget said...

I hope getting back into a schedule really helps you with your weight loss. I know for me it sure does. I do the best when I am super busy because I have to be organized and on the ball. I hope all is going well!

Phoenixrising said...

Cute shirt! And I love love LOVE the awesome pics you add to each post! :)

Val said...

I, also, love your pics that you post!! Maybe I will have to start trying that :-?

I'm glad to see you posting again :-D... I haven't been posting either but I am going to get back to it. I promised my friend.

Hope to see you posting soon. I know you can get those sizes down. I'm at the same size too!!

I buy online at because I don't have to go into the store and feel like a giant fat ass and stare at the giant mirror with my fat rolls everywhere. I swear every time I go clothes shopping its like I look and say man when did that bulge creep up?!?!? Its also cheaper too because you can sort by sizes... and as long as you know how LB clothes fit their sizes seem to stay pretty constant.

Long comment. Sorry. Hope to see you posting soon :-D

Joanne said...

SMASHER GIRL where are you??? No new posts for a while, come on, get moving!

Phoenixrising said...

Hey! Where'dja go?! Miss you, COME BACK SOON!

Skye's the Limit said...

Hey smashergirl! Where ya at? Boy does that sound like a Boost Mobile commercial or what? LOL

Seriously though, I really miss your posts and comments! Let us know that you're okay. :o)

MaeLeigh said...

Sounds like we have a lot in common. And our bodies are identical... seems like to me anyway. Where are you located, it just says US on your profile. I actually don't get on here much, if you want to email, it's:
Talk to ya later.

Joanne said...

Smasher girl! I miss you!! You are worth the effort so get off your butt and get moving.
Don't make me come over there!