Sunday, May 2, 2010

I'm BACK...From Outer Space

i'm back. from outer space. it was so terrible reading those old posts. i'm glad that person is a distant memory. things are so much better now. so much has happened. the most important thing was reconnecting with my faith. but the most important blog related thing is that i'm on plan again. i've beeeen on plan for 6 weeks now. i lost 13 lbs. i really expected to fail. but i surprised myself. and the one thing that i still feel the SAME about from when i USED to write on this blog is that i want my weight loss documented.....but im leaving out the grusome photos...maybe later :-) it feel like this is really going to happen for me. i am so much more grounded and have so much more support. i am also much less selfish. while in outer space i realized that ive been turns out the world does NOT revolve around me.


Skye said...

What a wonderful birthday present for me!!! You decided to start blogging again on my birthday! ( : Welcome back!!! I missed you girl and thought of you often!

Congrats on your loss! You are doing fantastic! I look forward to following you along your journey.

As you will notice, I just came back myself. You mentioned reading all of your old post. At least you kept yours. I deleted all of mine! I needed a fresh start. ( :