Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Fighting Back

superman never let kryptonite take him out for long. and i sure dont have to let mine put be back on the bench. everyone loves to talk about all the once-upon-a-time losers who have gained back all the weight and more. but thats not true for everyone. some people do it. and make it. i want to be one of them!

there was an article in Health magazine jan/feb 2010 called Real Secrets to Forever Weight Loss. i was happy to see that i am already doing most of them.

1. Work out first thing. (this is definitely one of the hardest things for me to do. but i feel so good when i do it. having my gym bag packed the night before and my workout clothes laying out definitely helps!)

2. Eat real meals (i love to eat. yet even i get caught in the trap of thinking that skipping dinner might be a good idea. it never is. i just end up eating MORE later...and making a bad decision about WHAT i eat)

3. One diet doesnt fit all (this is so true. as flattered as i get when people ask me what im doing, the truth is that im doing what works for ME at THIS moment. this wouldnt have worked for me 3 years ago. but it works great now. and south beach works great for thousands of people. but not for me. ever. the best diet is one that YOU will stick with and feel good about.)

4. They love to race. (i love to think i can race. and i have plans to walk some 5ks this spring. and i also have a stupid idea that i will post about later. there are tips on training for races at right now i just want to get through my treadmill workouts. my highest aspiration at this point is to someday run a mile.)

5. They talk. A lot. About their success (do i ever! blah blah blah! i love to talk about diet and exercise and workouts and meal plans. i am so annoying. thats why i have this blog. cuz no one wants to hear about that in real life. in a face to face conversation there isnt a magic X you can click on to end the discussion.)

one of my favorite things to do (especially when i feel like binging) is to read fitness magazines. i hit the jackpot when i walked into the library to get the copy of Half-Assed: A Weight-Loss Memoir that was on hold for me. there were stacks and stacks of magazines on a table. for sale. 2 for a quarter! score! i grabbed about 6 dollars worth... now i have enough reading material to get me to my goal weight. im soooo thrifty!


Jessica said...

You will be running that mile before you know it :)

Monicalatour said...

Defintinly you got this darling!! NIce deal on the Mags!! Im Thrifty as well :) Im always on the hunt for a good deal!

Maren said...

Thrifty is goood! :D I like these points, it's nice to think about people "making it" for life, and not just regaining. That's a real horror!

Lisa said...

I never thought of reading a fitness mag when tempted. GOOD idea!

Meghan said...

You will do it!! :) Rock it out girl!!

oh_mg said...

Racing is my absolute favorite. It breaks my heart that there aren't more races near me - in Chicago, I tried to race once a month! Lots of races have walking divisions, too, if you're not ready to run but want to get out there ... that's how I started, and it was incredible. Love being around healthy and motivated people!

MizFit said...

number one changed my life.



Ronnie said...

I'm the opposite. I HATE talking about "what I'm doing"... I guess because I've gotten the "easy way out" speech too many times to count. :)

These sound like great ideas to keep you motivated!