Monday, January 16, 2012

Jungle Gym: Vertical Knee Raise

i have posted a few times about the scary things in my gym. such as satan's simon-says game and the dungeon. each time i conquered my fears and tried something scary it felt great. even if the "during" felt horrible. even if i would never do it again. i made a personal goal to hack my way through the jungle that is my gym and tackle all the scary looming things that make me want to head for the closest emergency exit.

this thing terrifies me.

i didnt even know this was a Vertical Knee Raise until i typed "weird knee lifting ab machine" into google images and that picture showed up... along with this picture. really?

all i knew was this thing was SCARY. but i didnt let that stop me. i climbed up....put my arms on the pads....grabbed the handles.... looked around to see if anyone was watching the fat girl on the crazy contraption.....and lifted my knees up...FOUR times. this was sooo much better than i had expected. suddenly i realized my heartbeat was WAY louder than usual. and everything got blurry. and then really hot. and then i realized what was about to happen.

here's the thing about smasher girl. she's a fainter. its horrible. the first time it ever happened was when i was about 25. its the worst feeling. i can always tell when its going to happen. but it usually only happens after i have my blood drawn or when i am in extreme pain. it is NOT a common occurrence. it certainly hasnt ever happened for for no reason and never when i am exercising. so why was this thing making me feel faint??

i climbed down and laid on a mat. breathe in..breathe out. i didnt faint. ended up being fine and wrote the whole thing off as me being melodramatic...cuz here's another thing about smasher girl....she is melodramatic.

the next time i was at the gym i figured i would add it to my ab routine. even if i could only do 4 of them. after the first happened again. i almost fainted. i jumped back on google to see if this is a side effect of the vertical knee raise. nope. nothing. maybe im forgetting to breathe??? either way. i think i will try it one more time before crossing it off my list.

it did give me a good "my abs are working" feeling. and besides the whole making-me-want-to-pass-out thing, it wasnt so scary after all!


Monica (Weight Loss Journey) said...

I use to get weird feelings when i was on the treadmill for about a good 2 months of going to the gym i'd feel like i was going to die when i got off the machine it was like the room was going in all directions Hated the feeling but loved the work out,Just hated the feeling of getting off, Now its okay but it took forever to get that feeling to go away :) I applause you for keep giving it a chance!

Dina said...

I HATE that thing. Good news you gave me motivation to try it one of these days...I'll let you know how it goes.

Maren said...

Oh that machine drives me crazy. I avoid it like the plague! I think maybe you aren't breathing enough while doing it, that's what I fail at anyway. I have to hold my air in to be able to lift my feet. :p

Ronnie said...

I've never tried it! And I have some pretty strong abs, if I do say so myself... so good on ya!

Andrea said...

I've been wanting to try that at the gym, but I haven't been brave enough yet. It scares me too! I use all the other weight machines, but haven't attempted that one yet.

I guess I need to grow a pair and do it! Glad you didn't faint!