Monday, January 9, 2012

Yogi Scare

my gym has a lot of scary things in it. im not talking about the beefy guys with seemingly way more veins than normal. i mean terrifying machines and classes. there is a huge list of cardio and weight machines that i wont go near. and a ton of classes i am way too chicken to step foot in. i decided to conquer my fear. to get my feet wet, i thought i would try yoga.

easy enough, right? relaxing. not a lot of moving. my gym turns the lights out during yoga so no one would even be able to see if when i messed up. how bad could it really be?

worse. way worse. it started off easy enough. i stood obediently in the dark, crowded room on my mat and followed each of the instructions given by the woman with a soothing alto voice. "sit pretzel legged"....."put your palms face up"....."lay on your back and breathe"...."acknowledge your fingers and toes"...."breathe in"..."breathe out"

i lay there breathing and thought of renaming my blog to "Yogi Girl"...i had this in the bag.

the changes were subtle. the instructors voice was still calm and soothing. but it was forming words into absurd commands. "lay on your belly"...."bring one foot up under your chin"...."stand up and look behind you"...."bend over at the waist"...."rest on your forearms"...."put your head on the floor"...."pick your feet up off the floor"

say, what??? i looked up to see the instructor in this position...

i wanted to go back to acknowledging my fingers and toes! when had this class turned into a simon says game from hell???

i looked around the room for my mom who had come with gaze finally found her...still sitting pretzel legged on her mat. i figured she was on to something. i unfolded myself and plopped on my mat. i sat like that for the next 15 minutes until the class ended.

im glad i tried it though. now i can cross it off my list. the next time some one asks if i have tried yoga, i can smile and say, "yes."


Dina said...

I can totally relate! The whole laying down and breathing part is the BEST part of yoga. I've taked to just doing some sun salutations and laying on the floor with Yoga Pandora on. That's the best way to be a yogi :)

Monica (Weight Loss Journey) said...

LMFAO, Im soo sorry to laugh at your post, but when I came across the picture of that "Impossible" move i'll call it LOL.. I laughed out loud lol Im not sure yoga would be for me :) Im thinking about trying out a zumba class at my Gym, but again the FEARS are in my way I might try it tho.. But not just yet lol

Amy said...

Haha! I love this post! That whole stand on your head thing? I would be afraid my body weight would split my skull or something. I wish I were a yoga girl though, it is pretty relaxing.

Jennifer said...

Geez! This sounds way harder than some of the classes I have taken at the gym. I can totally relate to being scared and intimidated to take a new class. Keep trying ones until you find one that suits you. I found I like zumba(once I got past the thoughts that it felt like dirty dancing...hehe). Anyway, good for you. I will be updating my blog soon. But it wont be pretty :(


Ronnie said...

I love me some yoga... but I wouldn't have been able to do that either!

Bring Pretty Back said...

I have never tried yoga - It look so calm and slow and a bit easy... but, I know that is NOT the case.
BRAVO you for going . Keep trying new things .Keep going!
You are lucky ... we have a gym in town that has NOTHING to offer. There are machines - no classes and you are totally on your own.
I no longer go .
I am proud of you !
have a pretty day!

Maren said...

Wow! I've avoided yoga because I can't bend for the life of me, I'm not flexible at all! Kudos for trying it!!

Anonymous said...

good for you!!!
i wouldn't do that ever, at least until i lost most of my weight hahaha.
i can't do sit ups and push ups so no way i am entering any yoga class soon :))