Monday, January 9, 2012

BFL W6 Weigh-In: 236.8 (-4 lb)

im down 4 lb this week. i am very happy about that but kicking myself for last week. since i gained 4.4 lb last week, i am still up 0.4 lb. thats part of the fine print of going crazy for a week. you dont just lose one week you lose at least 2....the one week you spent gaining and the one week you spend trying to lose it again.

im happy. i am. cant you tell?


Dina said...

I know how that feels. It is hard to be happy with a loss when its not as much as a gain, but just keep pushing on! You can do even better next week :)

Monica (Weight Loss Journey) said...

I Can totaly relate to this, But the way i think of it at least you have Mostly all of the "Gain" outta the way now.. Your only .4 off! Which means next week you will be back "On track" Keep your chin up Smasher!

Ronnie said...

4 lbs... even if it's re-loss, it's impressive!

Amy@Jack Sprat's Wife said...

Ugh, I hear you... similar thing happened to me last week (prob due to the Christmas cookies). But I am WAY jealous that you are in the 230s... I want to be below 250 so bad!

Anonymous said...

It is great!!!
glad you lost 4lbs of those 4.4lbs you gained.
you should be happy, you went crazy for one week and then catch up the next week, hey it is only a week.

keep up the good work, good luck.