Thursday, January 12, 2012

Cool Running Walking

what could be easier than walking right? my walking skills stopped wowing people after my 2nd birthday. one foot in front of the other. i can even do it and chew gum at the same time!

this is why the idea of TRAINING to WALK never occurred to me. all that time i spent looking for a training program to teach me to RUN was silly! i should have been looking for a training program to teach me to WALK. i feel like one of Maleficent's goons who were looking in cradles trying to find a 16 year old Sleeping Beauty. (silly evil henchmen)

i googled "train to walk a 5k" and there was a bunch of information. if you actually care about the details, you can read all about it here. this is it in a very large nutshell.


Week 1: Getting Started

15 min walk at easy pace (5 days a week)

Week 2: Work On Your Walking Form

20 min walk at easy pace (5 days a week)

Use your walks this week to concentrate on developing good walking posture and technique. This can greatly improve your ease of walking and improve your speed.
Walking Form Technique for Beginners

Week 3: Walk at a Moderate Pace

25 min walk at moderate, determined pace (5 days a week)

"moderate pace" means:

  • may be breathing noticeably

  • able to carry on a full conversation while walking

  • not out of breath

Week 4: Add a Long Day

30 min at moderate pace (4 days a week)

40 min at easy pace (1 day a week)

Drinking right: Now that you are walking for more than 30 minutes, you should locate a source of water so you can have a drink each mile. If there are no handy drinking fountains, you may want to carry water with you. It is best to carry it in a fanny pack with a water holster, rather than carrying a bottle in your hand, as that can lead to muscle strain and poor walking form.

Week 5: Work on Speed

30 min at moderate pace (4 days a week)

45 min at easy pace (1 day a week)
Concentrate on improving your walking form to add speed. If you have not been using arm motion, this can be the key to increasing speed. Fast Walking Technique

Week 6: Build Mileage

30 min at moderate pace (4 days a week)
60 min at easy pace (1 day a week)

Weeks 7 and 8: Add Intervals

Economy Walk builds speed (1 day a week) Anaerobic Threshold Walk builds aerobic fitness (1 day a week) Long Walk: 60 min at easy pace (1 day a week)

if youre looking for me any time during the next few months, check your nearest treadmill...

come may 20th (the first of my 3 5Ks in 2 weeks) i will be rockin' that pavement!


oh_mg said...

Walking 5k races is SO much fun! That's how I started with racing! It's such a great challenge to push yourself a little faster every time, and being around so many healthy, active people is incredibly inspiring. Looking forward to following along with your progress!

Monica (Weight Loss Journey) said...

Thats awesome I'm HOPING to be able to do one at the end of the year :) I need to see how far my fitness level comes but im really hoping to do it :) there is a 1k & 5k, I Def wanna try the 1 K! Even to start, im sure I'[ll be able to do more by then :) Good luck you can totally do this girl!

Anonymous said...

If there is anything good in this life, then it is walking.
i love to walk every day, i even now thinking to start walking more than one hour maybe hour and a half.

you will see the difference in your waist measurements, in your pants and in people eyes.

it is amazing and no words can describe how good u will feel after just few days of walking.

i started month and half ago and now i can walk for one hour with high speed and my heartbeats still normal, while at the beginning i was dying after only 5 minutes of walking.

good luck..

Dina said...

Good Luck! Prepping for a race is hard work...which I'm discovering rather quickly!

Ronnie said...

This doesn't surprise me - many people are too out of shape for a 5K. I might even be one of them! LOL

Andrea said...

Great info. Thanks for sharing!