Friday, June 25, 2010

3 Things About Smasher Girl

  1. i do not have the internet. how do i survive? well. like this: "aaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!! i wish i had the internet!!!!" im kidding. (kinda) really, i spend a lot of time at the library up the road. its actually quite nice. AND i spend MUCH less time online when im at home than i would if i had it in my house.

  2. i was introduced to blog land by Pasta Queen. not, like in PERSON (i wish). i just stumbled upon her blog. i cant even remember how. and was amazed. her blog is amazing. she lost 200 lb and took 3-D photos of herself along the way. i was hooked. i couldnt go a day without checking to see what she wrote. and the day i learned that i, too, could have my OWN blog. well. i was thrilled!

  3. i live in a (*gasp*) mobile home. i know most of you are probably picturing this:

but really, most of them actually look more like this:

not the ritz...but not that bad. and it helps us keep a simple life (and me working part-time). the neighborhood is nice and we have a big yard. we really love our place!

and there is one more thing about Smasher Girl.

I WON!!! i won the BodyBugg from Laurie's Journey to Better Health. i am so happy, excited, and i cant wait to try it!

in the mean-time, i am plugging along on my "journey-to-jog-one-mile training" and its going pretty well. i have been running 1 minute and walking 4 minutes and repeating that 4 times. i have been walking at 2.5 mph (because i am DEAD after running a minute) and jogging at 4.5 mph (yes, i DO know thats ridiculously slow...but this isnt "journey-to-jog-the-fastest mile." just a mile.) according to the training plan, im not allowed to jog two days in a row. i need to recover.

on my non-jogging days i have been doing interval training on the treadmill. with mad-crazy inclines. like 18.5. and i have kept up with lifting weights.

after 6 weeks of lifting, i can NOT believe that i ever chose to NOT lift! its so fun. and really makes an hour of exercise fly. i feel stronger! i got a new weight program today. it involves those huge blue yoga ball things. and a bunch of new machines that i have NEVER tried before. fun!

i feel really good right now. like i can DO this.


The Exquisite Christine said...

Congrats on winning the body bugg!

I love lifting too. And jogging one mile. You will get there, I started with the interval training route too. =D

Keep at it. Good job!

Katie J said...

Congrats on winning the bugg! I love mine.

You will need to have an internet connection to use the bodybugg software to log your food and upload your activity. Their website is

Jess said...

How did I cover up my nose ring at work? Well, I tried several things. First I bought flesh-colored bandaids and would cut a tiny square out of the sticky part and put it over the stud and then put my makeup on over it. But it looked like I had leopracy or something. So then I tried just dabbing foundation/concealer on the stud but it would melt off after an hour. Finally I bought a clear retainer ring for it but it looked like I had a HUGE blackhead that never went away. Finally I tried to change it out one day and couldn't get the damn thing back in and I decided to just let it close!!! That's how it's done, girlie! I hope you were actually asking a real question because if not, you just got alot of TMI for no reason! LMAO

SG said...

thanks katie!!! yup! i looked into it and it's not that much at all for a membership. im way excited.

jess, wellll! you are very very determined!!! i am cracking up over here! and yes, it WAS a real question :-)

Skye said...

Wow, no internet. I would have never knew. Honestly though, I don't know how ya do it! lol No, the only reason I even have it at home is because I homeschool so we need it. Other than that, I could totally see myself doing the library thing.

I love the simple life! Less stress is definitely the way to go! We don't believe in, as my teenager would say, "keepin' up with the Jones". lol We like peace of mind too much. ( :

CONGRATULATIONS on winning the BodyBugg!!! How cool! Please let me know what you think of it. I have been considering investing in one.

Way to go on your training! You are doing great! I was surprised by how much I enjoy lifting as well. Where are you getting your weight program from?

YES, YOU CAN DO THIS and you are doing it!!! Go head on girl!!! ( :

SG said...

i'll def let you know skye!! if it turns out i DONT use it...i'll be passing it along :-) so wait and see how it goes with me before you buy one! the gym i goes to offers 3 personal appointments every 6 weeks. they do a re-eval (weigh and measure you and set goals), and they give you a weights program, and they give you a cardio program. it's really nice!

Skye said...

Thanks SG! That's right, silly me. I forgot you go to a gym. That's cool of them to offer the personal appts. I find it always seems easier if you have something to follow instead of making it up yourself.

Amanda said...

OMG, you won a body bugg? So jealous!

I grew up in a trailer (since I was born until I was 10). Mine wasn't as nice as yours though. But it worked for us!

I don't have the internet at home either. I work all day with it. I can use it at my parents house if I need to, or the library. I did just get the internet on my phone though. It's not as nice and easy to use as the real thing on a computer though.

Yeah, I feel like I live in the stone age! But I don't need another bill to pay!

Amanda said...

And I see that you lost 25 lbs?? Great job! Whoohoo!!

v said...

thanks! it looks like you are doing AMAZING TOO! ill sub to your site, looks like its right up my alley! :)

SG said...

thanks amanda! that's not MY trailer either :-) just an example. soooo glad to hear im not the only person in blogland with out internet!

Fashion Meets Food said...

Yay for winning the body bug! Congratulations girly!


creatingsarah said...

Congrats on winning the body bugg! Keep us updated on how you like it... I've wanted one forever!

I definitely feel you on being dead after running a minute... I was flabbergasted at how hard it was when I tried to C25K program. You're doing great and you'll be running much longer than a minute in no time!

Your blog is so inspiring, by the way. I'm glad I found it. (:

creatingsarah said...

Aw, thank youu! We are happy. (: And I'm definitely going to make a post all about him one day soon! ♥

Lindsay said...

Love your blog!!! I really liked this post fun to read more about you :)