Monday, June 28, 2010

Week 15 Weigh-In: +4 lb (244 lb)

no, im not crying. i stayed within my points for the week. and i did my jogging training and lifted weights. could i have done better with my eating? absolutely. could i have exercised more? of course. but i did ok.

ever since i was diagnosed with high blood pressure i have been very careful with my sodium intake. im supposed to get 1500-2300 mg a day of sodium. (stupid *flippin* high blood pressure!!!) to give you an idea of how difficult that is, 1 tsp of salt has 2300 mg of sodium. and there is sodium in food already.

but THAT is what i really messed up on this week. sodium. i lost count. when i weighed in this morning, my very cool scale told me that i gained FOUR stupid pounds. but it ALSO said that my body fat is 48%....which is horrible, i know. but it's always been over 50% in the past. last week was 50%. so i lost fat.

but that doesnt erase the side-effects of eating too much salt. my left hand/arm has been going numb and tingling a lot this week. which has not happened in months. scary.

becoming a healthy person is really really hard.


Amanda said...

Oh wow! I bet it is hard to only get that allotment of sodium in daily! I never keep track of that! I look at it and that's about all!

Great with not letting the scale ruin your attitude though. You know what you did right and not right. I'm sure you are working to correct it for this week.

Also, your body fat percentage went down! BIG PLUS!

TaDa said...

it is HARD... no doubt about... keep chugging... it will work..

creatingsarah said...

Weight fluctuates! If you know you're doing well, then the scale matters less. I'm lovin' that attitude, girl! Good luck with the salt intake. And, I agree. It is hard. But it sounds like you're doing your best and that's all that counts!

Skye said...

I love your attitude!!! Way to look at the positive! And - 2% in body fat! Well, that's just awesome! And yes, I agree, your scale is very cool! ( :

Personally, I think sodium reduction has to be one of the toughest because, like you said, there is sodium in everything these days!

You know, this past week, I noticed my hand and fingers were a little numb and I wondered what was that about. Do you know what's causing yours?

And boy did you tell the truth with your last statement!!!

Fashion Meets Food said...

I hear you it is really hard. Have you tried to drink water like you'll never see it anymore? My BFF from college counted sodium when we were in college and drank a liter of water a day which helped balanced everything out. When she wasnt drinking the water it made things worse.

Good luck to you!


Laura said...

Look on the bright side: you won the Body Bugg, which will hopefully help you in the future!