Tuesday, June 1, 2010

5K Day

i dont think of myself as a nervous person. the things that get most people rattled, get me excited. that's why i am always so surprised when my body completely IGNORES the fact that i am 100% ok.....and decides to start acting like im scared to death.

this happened when i moved to AZ. even though i was so excited and happy about leaving, i was up the whole night before i left....throwing up. it took me forever to realize it was nerves.

the same thing happened with my wedding. i had been waiting for this day for so long and i was ecstatic to get to wear my dress and get my hair done and cut the cake and dance at my reception.....oh, yeah, AND get married. but, yet again, my body decided to to act all scared. not fun.

well. the same thing happened with this 5K. i was super thrilled at the idea! i knew it was only 3 miles. i can walk 3 miles! but the night before, panic set in. i couldnt sleep and was sick to my stomach.

that's when it hit me. my body gave the same reaction to a 5K as it did to LIFE ALTERING EVENTS (moving across country and getting married). this was huge for me. it's something completely out of character for me. not just "something i hadnt done before"....for me it means so much more. its a big part of the steps im taking to be the person i want to be.

so, the morning of the 5K, i got up at 7 am. had 2 eggs and a piece of whole wheat toast and i was out the door. when we got there, i had to register (because i am a huge procrastinator and didnt pre-register). the sad thing is that they ran out of the cool orange i had to put my name on a list and they will let me know when more come in. a record number of people showed not only did they run out of shirts, they also ran out of numbers!! but i (mwah-hah-ha) got the last one! wooo hooooo! dont i look all official?!

standing at the starting line waiting to begin. it was a such a gorgeous day! perfect weather. blue sky. light breeze. around 70 degrees.

then the bell rang and we all starting going. walking..running....people passing. people passing.....people passing. then it hit me. oh. my. god. i am REALLY going to be the LAST one. i had joked about this. but i never actually thought it would HAPPEN. i was going as fast as i COULD. my legs were burning. burning. burning.

some very kind friends kept the slow pace with me. which was extremely kind of them....especially since i know it was just a stroll for them. and i did tell them on numerous occasions that they could go ahead. but they didnt. good friends. and we really WERE pretty much the last ones. one of my friends kept looking behind us and assuring me that we werent COMPLETELY last....there was one person behind us....a pregnant lady....pushing a stroller....

but FINALLY! the finish line. it was just like those stories that i never believe about child its the worst agony of your life...but the second you see your baby you forget all the pain. i felt that. when i saw that finish line. all i felt was joy.

my time was a pathetic 1:01:21. but i did it. im sure im the only person in the world who did a happy dance because she finished a 5K in an hour! but that was GREAT time for me! that's a pace of more than 3 miles an hour. and for me, to keep that pace for an hour is outstanding! dont i look happy??

after the 5K, my mom (who was one of the friends that walked with me) took me to lunch. we got my absolute FAVORITE.....indian food! doesnt it look great??

then we spent the afternoon sitting on her back deck playing games and enjoying her view. isnt it beautiful??

it was so nice spending time with her. its funny how parents go from being your whole world to hardly ever seeing them. it had been too long since we just hung out. it was great.

so, next year my goal is to do the 5K again. yes. thats it. just do it again. if i can walk/run that would be even better. more than anything i just want to be still doing this. i want to still be eating healthy (for the most part) and exercising. i want to still be taking those steps to become who i want to be.


Teale said...

Good for you!!! Wooooo!!!! I've only done (walked) two 5K's, and my first one I walked in 1:13. The next one we did in an hour flat. Next year your goal can be to improve your time! I guess it must just depend on the races you do, cuz the two that I did, even at an hour thirteen, there were still a TON of walkers yet to finish! But even if you'd come in dead last, the important thing is that you finished! So proud of you!

Fashion Meets Food said...

Girl I so hear you with nerves! When I went away to college everything finally changed and I got my nerves under control!

Yay for the 5K! Bummer you didn't get a shirt, but awesome you got a number! Fabulous job with your 5k it's very rough, I struggled through mine this weekend. But the joy I felt at the end out weighed everything else! Congratulations to you for such an achievement! You have a great mind set and really you can achieve anything! Don't give up on becoming who you want to be! Anything is possible! We all have our struggles just keep a positive mindset and trucking along! You are beautiful and fabulous!

Congratulations on your 5K!


Anonymous said...

You did great!!
I'm hoping to find a 5k around here that I can walk in.

PS You are beautiful!

Skye said...

Awwww!!! I am so proud of you!!! Way to go! And for the record, I think your time was amazing and you are doing fantastic!!!

Tami said...

That is so cool and what great friends you have!

Janna said...

I saw the COOLEST shirt that a girl made at my last 5K:

Dead Last Finish
is Greater than
Did Not Finish
is MUCH Greater Than
Did Not Start!

You started, you finished, you are a winner!

Congrats and keep up the hard work!

SG said...

i LOVE that!!! i think i need to make myself a shirt for next year :-)

sereni-tea said...

Congrats Congrats Congrats!! You should be very proud of yourself, not just for finishing but for having the drive to find this 5K with significant meaning for you and for recruiting your friends and family to join. So much was achieved this weekend -- you helped raise funds for a worthy cause, you honored your loved one, you raised awareness of a need in the community and you challenged your friends and family to walk a 5k as well -- I'm guessing a number of them would have never done it -- and would had missed out on a most enjoyable & satisfying experience --had it not been for your encouragement!

You have a gift to genuinely motivate, and it really is a gift, if not a talent. "Motivation is the art of getting people to do what you want them to do because they want to do it." (Dwight D. Eisenhower)

You Go Girl! :)

SG said...

hahhahaa! sereni-tea, as always, your words mean so much to me! im waiting for the day when i click on your profile and find that you have a blog of your own!