Saturday, June 5, 2010

what's the POINT

i need something. i can feel it starting to slip. i want to give up. this towel ive been carrying around is getting super heavy. im ready to throw it in.

but then what? my blood pressure is scary. and im not the only one who is scared. my husband shocked me last night night. ive been thinking a lot about how i feel lately. i hadnt really thought that my health was scaring anyone else...and then last night my darling husband said, very matter-of-fact, "im so scared for you, i am almost in tears." he sees that ive been slipping in. and he's scared. not scared of me not losing weight...scared of me not waking up. this is so important. why do i constantly fail myself? my last weigh-in was horrible. i didnt even post about it. (i snuck it on the side bar and my ticker) this week isnt going to be any better. but failure is not an option.

with that said, i need structure. i need something different. i know many people love weight watchers and have lost a ton of weight with it. i've never really thought it was for me. it involves COUNTING....which is iffy...but the a deal breaker. i cant (or wont) do it.

my bestest friend (love you bean!) is a weight watchers leader. she met with me friday and gave me the low down. explained it very very well. and gave me an ELECTRONIC POINTS CALCULATOR that even DEDUCTS FROM YOUR POINTS ALLOWANCE for you! the great news is that there isnt as much measuring as i thought. now that there are "set points" where you assign a points value to a "reasonable" amount of a certain food. so if i have chicken breast, i dont have to measure 3 oz and count it as 3 pts...i can eat a reasonable amount and count it as 5 pts. much better.

so that only leaves one decision to make:
CORE (simply filling) plan or the FLEX plan.

the SIMPLY FILLING plan involves less counting of points....but it's more restrictive as far as food. the FLEX plan is less restrictive....but involves more counting.

i did the math and discovered that in an average (well-behaved day) i would have much much much more points left with the FLEX plan. the other good news is that i can switch from week to week. do one week SIMPLY FILLING and one week FLEX.

i did have two questions about the SIMPLY FILLING plan that my bestest friend weight-watchers leader could not answer (she is trying to find out and will get back to me). maybe some one out there in the blogger world could help???

in the simply filling plan, you are allowed a whole grain or potato or pasta ONCE a day.

do YAMS (SWEET POTATOES) count in this category? can i only have a yam once a day? and if i have a yam, does that mean that i cannot have rice that same day (without using some of my 35 weekly flex points)?

my next question is about POPCORN. in the simply filling plan, is 94% fat free popcorn a "filling food" or do i have to use my weekly points if i eat it? and if so, does it count as a grain? and can i only have it once a day...meaning that i cannot have popcorn AND rice in the same day (without using some of my 35 weekly flex points).

any one who can answer either of those questions is my HERO!

so, starting monday....i am a weight watcher. i am going to try it for 6 weeks. let's hope i can hang in there!


Fashion Meets Food said...

I do Weight Watchers and love it. Well I still do it, but am struggling with weightloss now. But it did help me lose a lot of weight. I count my points and learned that it makes me more aware of what I am eating. However when i started counting points + calories I learned that sometimes I was eating enough points but no where near enough calories or the opposite. No plan is perfect, but I really liked weight watchers and the fact that I was allowed to eat whatever I wanted on it. I dont know about the simply filling plan... sounds like too much work for me. So I just do the old fashion plan.


Kelly said...

My dad had a scare with high cholesterol a few years ago. My mother knew the only way to get it under control for him was to also eat healthy too. So she started cooking very low fat. They had plain oatmeal for breakfast (ugh...I know) and just really watched the fat in their foods. She ended up losing 40 pounds and so did he. That's what I'm trying to do.
I feel your frustration. We all feel that way from time to time!
And thanks for commenting on my blog, by the way! :) HUGS!

SherRon, Shoes To Lose said...

That is great that you are finding something that will keep you on the health path. I'm not a weight watcher but I do have a ton of respect for the program.

I really hope it works for you!

Skye said...

First of all, (((HUGS)))!

Secondly, please know that you are not the only one who is struggling. I've also been having a hard time lately. I think the important thing is that we are not quitting. Sure, we may get off track here and there, but we are still more determined than ever!

Best of luck to you with WW! And how cool to have you best friend as a leader! You are truly blessed! ( :

Teale said...

Yay, another weight watcher:) I've always done flex, as I didn't feel like I had the discipline for core. On core, you eat off this special list of food, but you eat "until no longer hungry", which is a totally different feeling than FULL. LOL. And I figured if I could control myself to stop eating when I was no longer hungry, I wouldn't weigh over 300 pounds!! The thing about flex though is that while people say "you can eat whatever you want, just stay within your points", that's not the HEALTHY thing! Following the good health guidelines & making sure you get all of those within your day is important (2 milks, 6 fruits/veggies, healthy oils, water, etc). So while you could technically eat all your points in cookies & candy, it wouldn't be the most healthful thing:)

Best of luck to you! I look forward to hearing about your experience!