Monday, June 14, 2010

Weekly Weigh-In: -5 lb (244 lb)

wooo hoooo!! i got to end my 6-week session on a gooood note. i lost 5 lb. FIVE!!!! as you can see from my side bar, the last 6 weeks have been rather reminiscent of a roller-coaster ride. i did awesome this week. i tracked my points. exercised. cooked. planned. took my blood pressure meds. and counted sodium. i even started taking a multi vitamin. (*holy healthy habits, batman!*)

i now weigh 244 lb. i lost 8 lb these last 6 weeks. so that makes my total loss 21 lb in 12 weeks! i am going to post my measurements when i get them. i know my belly has gotten so much smaller. and my jeans that i could HARDLY button (some days not at all) are BIG on me. thats a great feeling. i have pulled out some of my old clothes and have been able to wear some of the shirts.

its amazing how many nicer clothes were available to me when i was just big. being super-big really limits your clothes options. its incredible what good-feeling, good-fitting clothes can do for my mood. i cant wait til i can squeeze into my currently-too-small clothes that are stuffed in boxes.

no one has really noticed any weight loss yet. (except for my mom, husband and one super sweet friend that knows im trying to lose weight.) thats ok, though. i really prefer it that way :0) i really do not like people knowing im on a diet. and i HATE when people scan my body trying to see if ive dropped any pounds. ick! freaks me out! the most important thing is that i know.

and my jeans know tooooo!


Janna said...


You are doing GREAT! How exciting!!

Keep up the good work.

Fashion Meets Food said...

How fabulous are you?! Congratulations on the fabulous weight loss! That is very exciting. What an achievement and daaaang girl you have the healthy habits going on! I need to really step up my game as I have until AUGUST (the first week) to lose 15 lbs! Holy crap, I better get a move on!

xo have a fabulous day girly!

TaDa said...

that is awesome...

from 253 to a new me said...

I know how you are feeling. About the noticing (see my last post) but also about preferring not to clue people in to your dieting ways. I could have seriously written this same post! Keep it up, sistah!

Jeanine said...

You are doing so well!! Keep up the good work!

i never tell people either because then they say "why are you eating that i thought you were on a diet??"

Skye said...

FANTASTIC LOSS!!! You are doing great! And what awesome non-scale victories! Sometimes, those are the best! ( :

I am the same way. There are very few people who know I am trying to lose weight. And even when people do notice and ask me how much I've lost, I never give them a number. I just tell them I'm not focusing on the scale. That usually shuts them up! ( ;

Teale said...

What GREAT progress! I'm so sorry I've been MIA from everyone's blogs, I'm playing catch-up now! Thanks for checking on me:)