Thursday, June 10, 2010


why am i always surprised by how delicious healthy food is? i mean, the wicked witch tempted snow white with an APPLE. and eve SAW that the FRUIT of the tree was good and SO she ate it. healthy food is really quite delightful. so why. why. WHY is bad food, fast food, fatty food sooooo hard to resist?? why is it that after a stressful day at work, or when im feeling super anxious, or when i get bad news i WANT the most terrible food i can imagine?!

this happened just last week. i was super stressed out when i left work. i was looking for a food fix. and i wasnt headed for a local farmers market or the produce section of a grocery store. no. in fact i LITERALLY passed BOTH a farmers market and a grocery store on my way to MCDONALDS. i was sure i could hear ronald laughing at me as i drove off with my mcchicken sandwich, double cheese burger and ice cream cone. (*yum*)

and really. that episode shows how much PROGRESS i have made. leaps and bounds. i have been known (in the past) to hit two DIFFERENT fast food restaurants on the way home from work. and then go home and have dinner. (*not my finest moment*)

i obviously cant do that any more. but i still THINK about doing it! i need to replace my thoughts of all the weird bad-for-me junk im used to thinking about

  • a LOAF of french bread AND a BRICK of brie cheese
  • a pint of ben and jerry's creme brule
  • enchiladas (oh, mexican food......)
  • a king sized snickers bar for dinner
  • a dozen chicken wings with a ton of blue cheese dressing

those were just a few of my classic go-to "go-away-pain" or "party-in-my-mouth" foods. which is pretty tame considering other things i have heard people binging on (like bread slathered with butter and then dipped in sugar, or spaghetti sandwiches!) i have to get these out of my head. not that i cant ever have them or NEVER think of them. but the dwelling must stop. i should be thinking about

  • dolmades
  • home-made smoothies (yogurt, frozen fruit, milk)
  • watermelon
  • raspberries
  • sushi!!! ( gooood)
  • pretty much anything from aladdins (a natural eatery that makes healthy food taste amazingly wonderful. in a way that i can never do on my own.)

what are some crazy bad foods you used to love? what are some healthy foods and snacks that you find wonderful and delicious??


KcNorton said...

Hey, we all slip and slide and it's ok to indulge just a little every now and then...don't beat yourself up too bad for's done and over with...tomorrow is a new day...buckle back down and start again!

Skye said...

Sadly, this post could have been written by me. Thanks for letting me know I'm not alone and making me realize what I need to focus on!

Bringing Pretty Back said...

I also reach for the worst foods possible for me when I am stressed or upset. I am an emotional eater! I know what you are saying. but , think of it this way , at least you are aware of what you are doing! For years I didn't even think about it... i just kept shoving crap in my mouth without a thought.
So.. you are making progress! Keep strong girl! We can do this!

Fashion Meets Food said...

Isn`t it crazy how things can change?


Teale said...

I have definately done the fast food stop as a "snack" before dinner, in the past! Eeek! I also have been known to sit down and eat a brick of cheese in one sitting in the past. Gotta break those awful, awful habits!

Healthy stuff I love: Bananas, whipped peanut butter on an english muffin, fresh fruit! Yum!