Monday, October 13, 2008

By the Power of......SOMETHING!

i dont know where it's coming from, but i seem to have the power to actually do this. i was completely unprepared this morning, but i managed to stay on plan for breakfast and lunch. then suddenly, out of no where, i got a surge of something. it felt kinda familiar...EXCITEMENT? i havent been excited about anything in a long time, so i might be mistaken. but it feels good.

i decided to hurry up and jump on that wave before it dies back into the ocean of drudgery. im going to make some healthy vegetarian chili. and some of the world's best tzatziki to eat with veggies.

i really enjoy non-american food. i love indian and greek. so my plan is to make a bunch of healthy food along those lines. that way i will look forward to what i CAN eat and not look back to what i can NOT eat. that sounds good in theory, doesnt it?

on that note, i will also make some CHANA MASALA that comes out good everytime i make it. it's indian spiced chickpeas that is delicious over rice. the recipe calls for regular potatos, but i use sweet potatos. i have the power to change things. i can do it.


Shrunk said...

YAY! I'm so glad that you are feeling excited about this and not resentful. It will make it so much easier to stick to your plan. Good job on getting through the first half of the day, now rock the second half as well!

Joanne said...

Ok so you left a comment on my blog (thanks BTW) so I click on your name and find my way to your blog. I am blown away. You are me. I am you. Everything you said I can relate to. Every word you have posted, I have said/thought/felt.
Your before pics are FANTASTIC! You had the courage to do underwear, I feel like I chickened out with my bathers ones. I know where you are now its hard to get prospective but can I just tell you that you have fantastic skin (something that will become important as you shed this weight) and I think you are going to be major success and I am so happy to have found you (well you found me) at the start of your journey.
I will be checking back every week and I can't wait to see you shrink.
THANKS SO MUCH, you have seriously made my day (face is leaking tears, DAMN IT!!)
Lets smash that fat!!

Smasher Girl said...

joanne! thank you so much. what you said was so kind and supportive. and i dont think you chickened out! i love your blog too.