Friday, October 10, 2008

FAT: 10 ME: 0

i love food. love love love love love it. i dont mind exercising, but enjoying all the food i enjoy makes it harder for me to move and thus harder to exercise.

i can really eat. ive once heard of a fancy invention called a "doggie bag"....but ive never actually used one. nothing brings me more pleasure than eating. nothing. and now, nothing can. because im too fat to enjoy anything else.

and so was born my steadfast determination to CHANGE. because although i do love eating more than anything else, it appears i do not love it more that EVERYTHING else. when you add up all the things that my fat roadblocks, it just isnt worth it.

this is a list of the things that i cant (or can just barely) do. WARNING: if you are faint of heart, extremely symathetic, or a bit empathetic, you might want to scroll down and avoid this list.

tie my shoes, reach around my belly to type or hold a stearing wheel, sit, stand, pick something up off the floor, walk, wear clothes (and not just cute clothes. im 5'2 and there just seems to not be enough room for clothing on my frame with all the fat), wear a bra (again, it's not finding the size, it's just really uncomfortable. ive been going braless...and im a 42 DDD), fit in a booth.

and other things that are just toooooo personal for a blog....

is this really who i am?


it cant be. it can not be. i refuse to surrender to this. it's time for some serious smashing.