Friday, October 24, 2008

Personal Trainer

ive been doing a lot of sitting this week. house sitting. dog sitting. baby sitting. it was a lot of fun! my friend is a foster parent of three foster kids. she also has two huge dogs. and a wii. apparantly that is all you need for some serious exercise to happen! it was a great week. my friend also said that she wants to lose weight. she only needs to lose about 30 lbs. she wants to start a diet and exercise plan with me!! i am sooooo grateful!

the blue brindle dog on the left is a great personal trainer! he got the idea to run when we were out for a walk. it caught me off guard and lets just say, i didnt have much choice in the matter. i also had a boxing competition with her oldest foster kid on the wii.....and well, everything hurts. ouch. yet it feeeels goooood!


Mrs. Skye-Lynn Young said...

Wow! The dog on the left is absolutely beautiful! And I'm not a dog person! LOL I love his color and his eyes!

The black one just reminds me of the dog we had growing up. Sorry to say, but I hated her. She scared the crap out of me! I spent more days sitting on top of the slide trying to get away from her than I did anything else! LOL

Heck, that's probably another reason I've been overweight since I was a child. I spent too much time sitting and not enough time playing. That's it, it's the dogs fault! ;o)

Mrs. Skye-Lynn Young said...

Sorry, but I wasn't sure where was the appropriate place to leave this! lol Excuse me, but I'm still new to this whole blog scene!

Anyway, what initially attracted me to your blog was your pictures. I had to look twice because I thought someone had snuck pictures of me on your blog! LOL We are the exact same height and starting weight!

And thanks for the comments you posted on my "daddy" post. I absolutely love your analogy on why I haven't conquered my weight yet! You sure know how to put things into perspective!

I knew I liked you for a reason other than we look so much alike! ;o)

Wendi said...

We just got a wii. My husband and I thought it would be a family christmas gift but after doing some research we decided to open it early to get 2 extra months of benifit from it. My daughter won't let us near it. We need extra controls.

It's great to have a friend or a buddy to exercise and diet with.

Good luck!

Val said...

Awesome!! Any exercise is GOOD exercise. I love when I get my exercise in randomly!

Char said...

It's so helpful to have someone do the weight loss thing with you. They'll help you up when you stumble and pat you on the back when you're on a roll. :) Thanks for the comment, btw!