Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The List

in an earlier post, i said that decided to think of dieting as a GOOD thing and not a BAD thing. val left a great comment suggesting that i make a list of things i can do that will make me feel good INSTEAD of eating. this is a great idea since, as val also pointed out, being on a diet feels especially awful when ive had a bad day and cant use my favorite anesthesia--FOOD (especially of the junk variety!)

so, after careful consideration.....

1. blog
2. read a magazine
3. write in my food journal
4. study (this wont feel good right away...but being in nursing school, it will make me feel less stressed!)
5. go on ebay or craigslist
6. do a google image search for puppies (no, that's not a lame)
7. buy make up
8. go to the beach
9. text a friend
10. get a pedicure

yes. some of those things might be a bit pricey....but so is my addiction to food! all those fast food joints add up.


Val said...

Awesome list. Good planning :-D

Wendi said...

Most of those i would select myself. Your doing great!