Wednesday, October 15, 2008


ive been racking my brain trying to pick an eating plan. im not the kind of person who cant "just make healthy choices"...i need a plan. ive been thinking about weight watchers. the core plan sounds better to me because it doesnt involve so much counting. i would imagine that figuring out how many points everything is would be really really hard. and i dont like the idea of buying pre-made food (like lean cuisines, etc).

but im open to anything! i really need some suggestions and tricks that might be helpful! what plan should i pick??


Bikini Envy said...

I've done just about all of them and can tell you that and Weight Watchers has been the most successful for me. I'm currently doing WW Flex (points) simply because I would eat myself sick on Core. I need the accountability that writing down my food gives me. The good thing about Weight Watchers is you can always switch from Core to Flex and vice versa.

Oh and Sparkpeople is easy as well. It's all about counting calories and is free.

Good luck!

thenewsarahsundae said...

Counting points and figuring them out is EASY!

Core really worked for me when I wanted to drop the last 10 pounds but right now I'm counting points because I need to not go over board.

Best of luck!!

Jen said...

Hey there!

My suggestion for you would be, if you can afford it, go to Weight Watcher meetings. The support you get from other members is definitely invaluable and being accountable to someone else helps too. If you know when your hungry and when you're satisfied (and know when you're truly hungry and satisfied (not over the top full), know about portion control) then core may be alright for you. I think it is best to start with Flex (and figuring out points is EASY) because you are able to learn these things, you have limits, you can plan your day better, you can eat what you want in moderation. The flex plan teaches you this. As a previous commenter said, she was able to do it for the last 10 pounds... That is when I feel the core would be beneficial. Personally, I will always be on flex, I need to track, it's good to know what you're eating and how much... for health as well as piece of mind.

If you can't afford meetings for weight watchers, there is an online option which is cheaper, you have message boards for support and it does work really well for a lot of people. There is also sparkpeople which is free and has a multitude of resources for you. I found it a little overwhelming when I first saw the site, I didn't know where to start as there was so much. It's a great resource!

Good luck with choosing your plan!

PS: thanks for your post in my blog!

Val said...

Plans that I have tried and some feed back. South Beach is INCREDIBLY effective. But EVERYTHING is cook this, cook that, spend lots of money on food... soo that went down the drain - quick.

You: On A Diet. Makes sense. It explains what your body needs and why it needs it and how to make food choices.

WW is again counting. Points are made easy because they give you this little push graph thing to figure out what points are in what. It is even more effective if you plan out your day in advance. Every night. This past month - when I fail to plan - I PLAN TO FAIL!!

I would vote weight watchers because it FORCES you to keep track of EVERYTHING. This is good for binge eaters. Just make sure you plan what you are going to eat the day before. And the best part is you can eat what you want as long as you get your food groups in. (with the FLEX system) you just have to count it.

I say spring for the extra money for the weight watchers and just go with it. You can eat whatever... you don't have to eat ANY frozen food, if you don't want to. :-D

Personally, I am just calorie counting. I try to eat healthy... but mostly calorie count. Thats it. I know when I stay away from white bread and starches the weight comes off even quicker. :-D

Phoenixrising said...

Well I've been on the ww flex plan for a while now and I love it. I'll admit that figuring out points was a bit much at first, but I found the online trackers, and calculators SUPER helpfull... lots less math! it figures out everything for you... plus I like that I can apply the plan to any food I want. Any food... which you can't say for some plans, there are lots that have things that are off limits... ww is great because it's more than a diet plan, it's a lifestyle change that you can live with for the rest of your life! :) Good luck in your search though, it's hard because what works for one person, might not be a good fit for the next! Find something you CAN do for the rest of your life! Not just until you are in shape!

Joanne said...

I am on the weight watchers points plan and I find it so easy. As my journey has progressed I am eating more and more core but am still not ready (not confident in my ability to stop eating when full) to switch plans yet.
WW provides a lot of support and information and just because you start on ww, doesn't mean your whole journey will be on ww.
The only way you fail is if you stop.

Anonymous said...


Thank you so much for your comment on my blog. After I read it, I went back and read all of your posts and I agree so much with what you said, we are a lot alike! In one of your posts you said something like "I don't really mind working out, but I LOVE eating" and that is totally one of my issues too! I really admire you for putting your pictures up. I did that when I started too, but I don't think I could ever put one up of me like that! Its very a honest approach though, so more power to you! I am in the same boat as you, I really need to find other activities that I can do, especially on the weekends when the only thing I can think of doing is going out to eat. (one of my favorite hobbies) I really want to get back on track, and its a struggle but I know I'm a strong person so I hope and pray I can do it.

I would love to stay in contact and hopefully encourage as we both progress! Best Wishes, and keep it up!!!!!!!

Char said...

Thanks for the comment! Honestly, I found WW Points plan to be easy. Anything that makes you accountable, though! Best of luck!

Laura said...

I use DailyPlate to mainly calorie count, though I look at fat/fiber/protein on occasion to make sure I'm on track. If you have access to a computer most of the day, I think it's a pretty great solution, and a lot of my friends have had success with it as well.

For an online support community, check out the forums at The women there are incredibly awesome and you'll get all your questions answered (and more!). There are separate forums for different diets, so you could also use it to compare the lifestyles of each.

Libertariot said...

I really never followed a diet plan, but then that worked for me. Before my mom got gastric bypass surgery, she did Weight Watchers and lost a quite a bit of weight. It really depends on what you want to do and what your goals are, but good luck in whatever you choose!

(Future) Skinny Kenny said...

Hey! You left me a comment the other day and I'd just like to say thanks! That little bit of encouragement pushed me into the gym today.

P.S. Your blog sparked new inspiration for me to lose weight.