Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ten Random Things About Smasher Girl

1. i dont have a dishwasher. so, really, this could read, "i have a lot of dirty dishes." actually, i DOOO have a dishwasher. it's just in my bedroom at the moment. my wonderful husband is WORKING on getting it installed.

2. i cannot throw up in a toilet. or any container. so, really, this could read, "my husband has an extremely patient and understanding bedside manner."

3. i am a jehovah's witness. so, to answer the most common follow-up question: "yes, i ACTUALLY go around knocking on people's doors." and it's the most rewarding thing i have ever done with my time!

4. i dont like coffee. so, really, this could read, "i am NOT a morning person." i really wish i could swallow the stuff. just cant. cant do it.

5. i learned to drive stick by buying a brand new toyota that was a stick shift. so, this could also read, "i am kinda stubborn and dont always think things through." my life was literally threatened EVERY day the first 2 weeks i owned it. i would stall out on the on-ramp of the freeway during RUSH hour each morning. every morning. that long line of cars was all because of ME....and people made sure i KNEW it!

6. i love to cook. when i got married 5 years ago, i could not cook at ALL. i asked for cookbooks for my wedding shower at work. the funny thing is, i just realized recently that i like to cook. it shocked me. especially since im pretty sure ive liked it all along and never knew it!

7. the only 2 foods i dont like are croutons and mirange. so, this could also read, "i love food." hmm....that COULD have something to do with me needing to lose more than 100 pounds!

8. i am a FREAK about food safety. i opened a cafe for people in arizona. i had to take all these food safety classes and read all kinds of books. it scared me. i am in a constant mental war against botulism. i never go to the grocery store without a list. and it is organized by grocery store sections. i get all perishable items (dairy and meat) they are not in my cart too long. and then it's STRAIGHT home. and the food goes RIGHT in the fridge.

9. if you really want to see me sweat, stand in front of the fridge with the door open for more than 5 seconds. (see explanation above) i can almost SEE the temperature start to rise....and bacteria start to grow......yes...i am nuts.

10. the first time i danced with my husband was outside in the rain. so, this could really read, "i am a huge romantic." the car headlights were on and the car doors were open. "a kiss to build a dream on" was blaring over the car speakers. im pretty sure i was was in arizona. so even though it was night time, it was super warm.

it turns out there is one more thing about me. i went to the doctor yesterday. for a physical.

11. i have high blood pressure. and need medication.

i knew it was high. i hoped these last 9 weeks of diet and exercise would do the trick. it helped. but i need medicine. i am 28 years old and i need to be on medicine for my high blood pressure. i hate this. i hate what i have done to my body.

this whole time that i have been losing weight i havent been counting anything...not counting calories or points or carbs. im not a counter. i cant count. but now i have to. i have to count sodium mg. reallllly?

i am so embarrassed by this. i am not telling any one. i did this to myself.

it was a good reminder though. i started this weight loss journey because i was scared of the tingling in my hands, my headaches, dizziness....AND the worst: nose bleeds. i knew these symptoms were likely symptoms of high blood pressure. i thought if i just started eating right and exercising it would GO AWAY....and eventually (if i keep this up) it WILL. just not over night.

losing weight is not about skinny jeans. its about keeping my heart pumping...and my blood vessels from exploding.


Teale said...

Man, that sucks about the BP issue. I just KNOW that if I went to the doctor they'd tell me the same thing, I've been borderline for years. Fear keeps me away though. My husband has been on BP meds since he was 23... no good!

Can I ask you a question about being a Jehovah's Witness? I had a client at my job once that was one, and she told me that they don't celebrate birthdays. I didn't know her well enough to ask her about it, but I was curious as to why that is. I know that's kind of a strange question, but I always wondered!

Flabby McGee said...

Lol, I learned to drive with a stick shift too! I still have the car...Anyway, I left you a choice of blog award over at my blog! So come on over, choose and pass it on!

Janna said...

Keep plugging away! You will get off the meds in due time!

Thanks for sharing...that was fun getting to "know" you better!

Teale said...

You've received an award! Stop by my blog to check it out!

Fashion Meets Food said...

What a fun post! It was nice to get to "know" you!


Bringing Pretty Back said...

Love the facts about you! Hey! You have been exercising and doing something about your weight and health! Keep going! You will not need that medication for long!

Bringing Pretty Back said...

Love the facts about you! Hey! You have been exercising and doing something about your weight and health! Keep going! You will not need that medication for long!

Skye said...

I love this post! It was great getting to know you a little better!

My thoughts and prayers are with you in regards to your health issues. Just keep reminding yourself that this is only temporary. Continue dieting, exercising and most of all praying and I'm sure it'll be back to normal sooner than you think!

SG said...

i got an AWARD???? wow!! thanks!!! i cant wait to check it out!

SG said...

hey, teale. that's not a weird question for me. people ask me all the time. im glad you asked!

the short and sweet answer is:

we dont celebrate birthdays because the origins and customs of birthday celebrations come from pagan religions and involve magic.

jw's believe that the bible is god's word and everything in it is there for a reason.

the only two birthdays recorded in the bible were celebrated by people who were not worshipers of the god of the bible, jehovah. these two parties were for pharoah (genesis 40:20-22) and king herod (matt 14:6-10). both of these birthday parties included some one being murdered. john the baptist was killed during the birthday party for king herod.

so, this alone is a good indication of how jehovah feels about birthday parties.

also, birthday parties had their start in pagan religions and involve the practice of magic. gifts are given to protect the person from the demons and ensure their safety the following year. lighted candles on cakes started with the greeks. the candles were believed to have special magic and the power to grant wishes.

this is likely not the intent when people celebrate birthdays today. however the bible warns us not to be involved with anything having to do with magic or pagan religions. (ephesians 5:10,11; 2 corinthians 6:14-18; deuteronomy 18:10-12)

the apostle paul told the christians in his letter to the galatians that anyone involved in magic would not inherit god's kingdom (galatians 5:19-21.

so, the bible is very clear about its stand on things like birthday celebrations.

whether we choose to celebrate them is a personal choice that everyone has to make for themselves.

hope that answers your question!

Skye said...

Wow! Very interesting! Smasher girl, thanks for the clarification regarding birthdays. And Teale, thanks for asking in the first place! I guess it's true when they say we learn something new every day! Thanks for teaching us today! ( :

jeanine said...

You're doing SO well! I wish i was as motivated! Let's do lunch again soon....somewhere healthy for sure!! :) I have the 13th off too so maybe you guys could come over!

Lianna said...

Good to know more about ya!
DH is not a JW, but his family is. He's gone a few times, been to a couple of conventions too.

One of his close friends, who is the nicest person on the planet and always has a smile on his face, has invited him to meetings. He went once and loved it but hasn't been back since. He just can't seem to wake up early on Sundays. lol

Anonymous said...

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