Sunday, May 9, 2010


check out my new kick butt crazy expensive amazingly accurate fancy scale! isnt she darling?? it's a Tanita InnerScan™ Body Composition Monitor Scale. i paid a hundred bucks for it to tell my all kinds of terrible things about myself. including that half of my body is fat and that my metabolic age is 50. yes. 50. and im only 28. but the most important thing is that this baby is accurate!

thank you to EVERYONE who gave me such awesome advice about a scale! i was going to buy a Weight Watchers scale, but then, i got curious about what brand of scale Weight Watchers uses for weekly weigh-ins before their meetings. happily, my best friend is a Weight Watchers leader, so i asked her.....and she said they use a Tanita scale. (i dont know if that is true everywhere, but its what they use here) and when i checked out what Pasta Queen recommends, it was also a Tanita. so far, i am very happy with it!


Teale said...

I've never used one of these scales, but I have a couple of bloggers that I read who have mentioned this scale before too! Glad you like it!

Skye said...

Awesome! It surely looks like a winner! I would LOVE to know what my metabolic age is!!! For me, just that would be worth it!