Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Funshine Bear Vs. Grumpy Bear

it's so easy to act, feel, and speak as if dieting is some kind of corporal punishment. it's easy to have thoughts like, "my car broke down, i had a root canal, i bounced a check, and im eating healthy and exercising. can my day GET any WORSE?" taking care of my body should not be grouped in a category of "day ruiners" should be the sunny part, the bright side, the consolation prize. if my week has been awful, i should think, "everything is falling a part, but at least im still on plan."

from now on, i am going to make it that way. i will be happy about this change! at first it might be a major struggle. like funshine bear and grumpy bear in a WWF cage match in my head. but joanne's post shows that she's doing it. why cant i? it's all the way i decide to see things.


Val said...

Excellent way to view weight loss. I think that this is difficult when you are having a bad day (at least for me) simply because food is my comfort. Sooo, it is not that I classify diet in my crappy day things but more it is an effect of the crappy day

Someone is rude -> I feel shitty -> I want some comfort food -> Cannot have comfort food because I am on a diet -> THIS IS WHERE DIETING SUCKS!

I think it is about finding alternate ways to make yourself feel better or seek comfort. A food counselor once told me to make a long list of things that you can do instead of eating that will make you feel better OR distract you. My list included distracters such as:
1. Take a long hot shower
2. Brush your teeth
3. Listen to music
4. Play some sort of video game (your hands are busy so you will not fill them with food)
5. Take a long walk
6. Take a drive (this can be self defeating because I will drive and then drive somewhere to eat....)
7. Snap a rubber band on your wrist and concentrate on the sensation (tactile reminder not to binge eat)

But it is important to make your own list...

I think that attitude is very important. And checking that yours is in the right place can really make a difference in your progress but sometimes when things start to go down the drain it can be hard to maintain.... Have a back up plan for your bad days when dieting finds itself on the negative side of the fence. :-)

Don't know if this is helpful at all... :-)

Smasher Girl said...

that is a really great idea! i didnt know there were "food counselors"....thanks val!

Wendi said...

GREAT Positive Attitude!!