Monday, May 3, 2010

So, That's the Plan

After being inspired by The Fat Smash Diet, I created my own eating plan that I knew would be best for me. My biggest problem is not losing weight. I can lose weight. The problem is being balanced and MAINTAING. Oh, the dreaded maintaining! I call it “Easy As 1-2-3.” There are 3 phases that make up a 6 week rotation.

Phase 1: DETOX
Time: 1 week
Food: fruits, veggies, 2 cups brown rice per day, 2 fat-free yogurts per day, 2 eggs per day, ½ cup oatmeal per day….as you can see….pretty restrictive….hence the word “DETOX”
Work: 2.5 hours of exercise per week

Phase 2: Deficiency (creating a calorie deficiency for weight loss)
Time: 3 weeks
Food: meat, fruit, veggies, yogurt, cheese, oatmeal, cereal, brown rice….pretty much all healthy whole food in moderation until I’m full.
Work: 3.75 hours of exercise per week

Phase 3: Determination (maintenance)
Time: 2 weeks
Food: everything in moderation
Work: 5 hours of exercise per week

Morning Snack
Afternoon snack
After dinner snack (some times)

This has really worked for me. I definitely don’t think that it would for everyone, but I am soooo jazzed that I found something that I can stick to….hopefully forever.


Skye said...

I definitely believe in finding what works for you! No plan is perfect. Heck, if there was such a plan, then the world would not have such an obesity problem, now would they!?! I'm currently following my own version of Weight Watcher's. Although your plan does intrigue me!