Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Good, The Bad, and The Buddy

the bitch made me cry. this 20 minute work out is HARD. my husband (who is in half way decent shape) tried it and almost threw up! one of my goals was to do this work out every day. i've scored about a D- on that....doing it about every OTHER day. it's only 20 minutes, but it's been hard to fit it in to my day. next week the goal is to do this every day AND go to the gym 3 times a week. ouch.

i did get my weights program from a personal trainer. it seems way toooo simple. not EASY because it hurts. but i just dont see how weights is actually going to make any kind of difference. but we shall see.

i need to make getting to the gym more personal. it needs to be about ME and the GYM. when i signed up at the gym 6 weeks ago, a friend signed up with me. great, huh? awesome, right? sometimes yes, and most of the time, nooooo. she's a canceler, a flaker, a last minute escaper. which shouldnt matter, right? except that it does. i feel great and ready for the gym...then i get that text telling me that her electricity is out and she cant leave her husband home alone, or she hit her head and has a concussion, or that her blood sugar is too low and she passed out, or that she tripped over a fan, or her chiropracter told her not to exercise, or that she had a root canal, or her dentist told her not to exercise.......the second i find out she's not coming all my desire to work out flies out the window.

but the thing is, exercise is hard...i dont hold it against her that she USUALLY doesnt want to go...but that cant be the reason that i dont!!!


Teale said...

Whoa, good for you for attempting that workout, there's no way I could hack it!

I used to be that way (when I was going to the gym, I mean) about my workout buddy flaking. She didn't usually cancel on me, but on the days that she'd have something come up, then I'd change my mind about going too... hence why I don't go at all anymore. LOL

Skye said...

You are mighty brave my friend! I refuse to go anywhere near anything that has to do with Jillian! lol

I can relate to your gym issues all too well! I suffer with the same issues. But you know, your last paragraph is perfect! I don't think anyone could have said it better!