Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Artichokes With Lemon & Olive Oil

im on an artichoke kick. i made some lemon artichokes that were to DIE for.

here is the recipe:
4 artichokees, trimmed
1 onion, sliced
2 scallions, sliced
1 lemon, juiced and sliced
4 tbsp olive oil
1/2 c water
fresh thyme
put the artichokes in a big pot. add the onion, scallions, juice from the lemon, the lemon slices and water. pour a tbsp of olive oil on each artichoke. cover and simmer 35 mins.
add the thyme and simmer 20 mins more or until artichokes are tender.
season with salt and pepper.


Amanda said...

Hey there! I just saw your comment on my blog about running. I answered you there but I'll repost it here. And unfortunately, I don't always have good answers! lol Hope this helps a little bit.

When I started running, I just started with 5k's. A friend of mine was turning 30 and wanted to start running. I found a picture of me after my first 5k run. I looked beat and red in the face. And probably felt as though I would die!

I would run and walk. Run for as much as I can and walk for a while, then do it all again until I finished. Some people do C25K program. I didn't but I heard it works.

Just start out slow and work your way up. When you feel like you can't do it anymore, you CAN! It's a lot of a mental game. You have to fight through your head telling you "NO" and "STOP".

I wish I could give you better help. I just did it. Even though it was hard, I kept doing it. Once you do it one time, you know you can do it again.

I know Marisa with Loser for Life and Kelly with Happy Texans are fairly newer runners and are doing great! They may be able to offer words of advice too. Good luck.

Smasher Girl said...

that was an awesome answer, amanda! thanks! i think my biggest fear is not the pain of running (although that IS a fear)....what really stops me is being scared that i'll hurt myself. im only 5'2" so 249 lb is really big. but i think you're right. i just have to do it and take it slowwww. thanks again!

Tricia said...

yum, thanks for sharing

Anini said...

Thanks for popping by my blog. Wonderful to have you and thank you for the compliment. You're doing very well also :)

I have been waiting and waiting to try avacadoes but I'm pretty picky sometimes and stubborn but they ARE on sale this week... So I might just have to pick some up. They do look tasty.

Bringing Pretty Back said...

I have never ever cooked an artichoke in my life. This looks delicious!!!

michelle said...

I adore artichokes! Those look so yummy!

Lindsay said...

I LOVE artichokes! I am so trying your way out! Thanks :)