Monday, December 19, 2011

Being Fat Is Boring

one of my skinny-fat friends decided she wants to lose weight. which is great. good for her and blah blah blah. everyone knows that the best person to ask about diets is a fat girl. we know them all and we have the book. i brought over a few diet books so she could look through and decide what plan she wanted to follow. she decided on weight watchers. as she is flipping though the handbook thing for the new point plus program she's like, "eww....all this food is boring!"

now, this skinny-fat friend is gorgeous and about 15 lb lighter than my goal weight. but her doctor wants her to lose weight and it will improve her health so im all for it. but she isnt really fat. she doesnt REALLY get it. so when i say to her "you know whats MORE boring?? being FAT." she of course replies, "being fat isnt boring. name ONE thing you cant do because you are fat."

really? she looks at me at sees ME and not a super fat girl... thats part of the reason i love her so much. i get that she doesnt get it. so i just throw out the most obvious answer..."i cant shop at regular stores!" and she's like "you're telling me you cant shop at jcpenny and macys? you are lying!!" i just drop it.

in HER mind i CAN shop at jcpenny and macys.... but not really.... the fat girl section is 3 racks of clothes that are designed for people either 6 years old or 60 years old. they are stretchy and embroidered with butterflies and lady bugs and stupid stuff like that. that's not really shopping at penny's....

thats just the tip of the ice berg!! there is sooo much i cant do because im fat.

it ranges from the simplest thing (crossing my legs) to fun things (jogging, fitting into rides at amusement parks!) private things that are not blog-friendly!

i cant wait to lose 100 lb!! not just because i will be super hot, but also because there is so much i want to DO!!! so much i havent DONE! i cant wait. because i WILL get there. i know it.


Maren said...

I hear you. I have skinny-fat friends that don't get it too. They just don't. I have friends that complain about having to lose 10lbs.. and I'm like ... yeahhh.. I have to lose 110lbs. I get that it's hard for them too, but please don't compare yourselves to me. It just doesn't sit well with me.

I'm also looking forward to the things I CAN do once I lose the weight!

Monicalatour said...

I have lots of people in my life that are like this as well, I Love them but boys I get mad sometimes< I know they love me and dont see me as "The fat Girl": But sometimes i dont think they really understand how hard it is or What we are missing out on, They just dont see it! lol

Skye-Lynn said...

Without a doubt, YES YOU WILL!!! And I will be right there with you!!! : )) Just thinking about all the stories we'll be able to share is getting me excited! Lol

Best wishes to your friend. Although I realize it may be difficult to relate to her at times, I'm glad she's so supportive & encouraging to you. All too often, these types of "friends" can be saboteurs. Glad she's different.

Anonymous said...

if i want to make a list of things i can't make as a fat girl, it would be 100 items list!!!

yes thin people can't get it some times or people who have some pounds to lose.

when my friends start asking me i just shrug my shoulders and don't answer them.
because no matter what i said they will consider it something silly.......
i hate being fat!!!

Ronnie said...

Being fat is boring. Hell, if I can lose 100 lbs so can you! :) (Let's ignore the fact that I had surgical intervention... but still. LOL)

K said...

Just found your blog (I'm a blogging newbie at the beginning of my weight loss journey!) and you have tons of great and inspirational things to say. I must say - most plus size department store clothes are designed for grandmas with an affinity to baggy, stretchy clothes and strange prints. Being fat IS boring, can't wait until I can do everything skinny people take for granted.