Thursday, December 29, 2011


what can take down a smasher girl faster than a speeding bullet?


if i were superman, success would be green and sparkly like this....

whenever i hit a major milestone or start doing really good, i know to buckle up cuz its gonna be a bumpy ride. and by "ride" i mean "crash and burn". i hit my one month mark a few days ago. it was accompanied by a great weight loss and a real life "after photo" and i was feeling great. for about a day. and then it started. i could feel myself losing my groove.

i ate honey with a spoon yesterday. really?? with a SPOON.

success! it screws me EVERY time.

if im totally honest i am also starting to get bored with my food. i have been eating basically the same thing for a month straight. ive stuck with it because it works, its fast, its easy, and it keeps my grocery bill way down. i have found the perfect healthy-fast-easy-cheap food equation. so WHY would i change it?? im scared to change it. im scared it will take too long to prepare or be too high in calories or something. this week i want to focus on BREAKFAST.

i want a breakfast with protein and fiber that i can prepare in under 2 mins or that i can prepare ahead of time and just heat up. i have been making breakfast sandwiches on the weekend (egg, LF cheese, whole wheat english muffin) and just heating them up in the morning. i need something new. ideas??

i have also been thinking about running again. (the "again" refers to the THINKING part....not the actual RUNNING...because i never really was able to run. i just thought about it a lot.) i have been doing workouts on the treadmill. walking. walking. walking.... and then when im done with that, i do a little more walking. during my last post i mentioned that for my first (and only) 5k i was walking at the break-neck speed of 3mph.

so the next time i hopped on the treadmill i decided that i would do my entire workout at 3mph. and about 10 mins in to it my hip flexor started bothering me. this is serious. when this injury acts up it takes me out for weeks. so i slowed it WAY down. everyone always talks about TRAINING for marathons and 5ks, blah blah blah. but i cant DO it. i get sooo impatient. and angry when i cant do it.

in my walking workouts last week i did the majority of the walk at 3mph but i was doing intervals so i would slow down, up the incline and then lower the incline and speed up again. but 10 mins straight messed with me. i am sooooo weak. i want to run soooo bad. and i cant even walk at 3mph. i get frustrated and feel like giving up. so i reach for the only thing that resembles junk food in my whole house and make like winnie the pooh.

......oh bother!


illiterate said...

I always jump into my training too fast and wind up sidelined with injuries too. You're no good if you're hurt so I think you made the right call slowing it down. Sounds like you're doing great even with the bump in the road so just keep up the hard work, you're rockin'!
Best Wishes,

- Desperate Student

K said...

You have no idea how badly I want to run too! The other day I made the mistake of just running for the first distance in my workout..then my knee started to bug me and I backed off. You just have to take it slow and build and you'll make it! We can learn to run together :)

Monicalatour said...

Sometimes, We just have to take it slower especially with previous injuries!! You will get there darling!!

Also i was getting sick of my foods too, I need to expand my foods, but Im just so clueless

Jessica said...

Hi! Thank you for the comment on my blog about my niece. I completely understand how you feel about dropping the ball when you start to see success, but hang in there! I look forward to reading your blog.

Ronnie said...

I am the same way! See a new decade? Let's celebrate with some pizza.


For breakfast, I have greek yogurt (with a tablespoon of cool whip, 1 teaspoon of splenda, and a sprinkle of cinnamon) and a protein bar. It is SO yummy. :)

Desert Singer said...

I want to walk/run soon too -- but have to get below 200 lbs first (!)

Success... funny how much it can throw us off, huh? I'm sure there are a lot of counselors out there making lots of money trying to help us understand *that!*

'It ain't over til it is over' -- hang tough and we'll keep on keepin' on... for that is all we can do. ♥