Thursday, December 8, 2011

Gym Brat?

a woman was doing bicep curls next to me at the gym yesterday and i looked at her and thought, "ugh...she is doing that ALL wrong."

only a few short weeks ago i used to avoid the places in my gym that were designed to make you lift heavy things because i was afraid of people thinking things exactly like that. im still a beginner. i am still trying new things and tweaking my workouts trying to get it all figured out.

i remember how rough it was for me to start doing a real weight program. i studied the back pages of my Body For Life book and agonized over things like the the direction my elbows should be pointing when i do a tricep press.

and then i would get to the gym.... and swallow my pride as i carried my book and pen around the weight room. and i did it all wrong. the first time i did upper body i hurt my back... then i realized my butt was too big to get me in the correct position on the machines... so i switched to dumbbells... which is a huge challenge in itself. i thought id never get the hang of it.

and id come home from the gym some days and just cry. i did get the hang of it... well, at least enough to hold my own in a weight room. it took me a few weeks.... i wish i had had some one to help me.

and for all i know, this woman who was "doing it all wrong" may have been in HER first week sucking in her pride and telling herself that no one is REALLY thinking she looks silly....

and even if its her 100th week, she deserves mad props for being at the gym. im sure all those muscle-headed boys in the dungeon have an opinion or two about the way the chubby girl does her forward lunges with 2 lb weights... but who cares!

it's ok if i wana release my inner gym rat.....

but i think i better rein in my inner gym Brat


bbubblyb said...

I definitely give kudos to the folks in the gym trying. I know I did it just the same way when I started going to the gym 3 1/2 yrs ago, read a book and took my notebook with me every time. I was about 265 lbs then and I felt like I stuck out like a sore thumb, now I go in there and do my thing not worrying about who's on the "boy's side" of the gym lol. Way to go on teaching yourself, it's a tough thing to do.

Skye-Lynn said...

GREAT post! Sure got me to thinking! And I LOVE the pics! Too cute! lol

Monicalatour said...

I use to feel the same way going to the gym, But now i really don't care, Im there for a purpose, and im there for the same reason most people are there for :) It also helps that the gym i attend has a women only section, So the comfort level seems to be better, I still have m self Conscious days but i usually, Just have at it and don't even care!