Thursday, December 15, 2011

Bad Habits

i am biting my nails. i havent bitten my nails in years. i didnt even realize i had started doing it again until yesterday. i looked at my hands and cringed. ick. i grabbed a bottle of bright blue nail polish and put it on. that did the trick for now. (i cant bite my nails if they have polish on...why? i dont know)

this is the first time since the Great Weight-Loss of 2007 that i have stuck with a plan. really stuck with it.... not just TOLD myself i was sticking with it. every day (with the exception of my FREE DAY) i kick all my deep rooted bad habits and shove broccoli in my face instead of french bread. i cook dinner instead of swinging through mcdonalds (mmmm... mcdonalds). i go to the gym and lift heavy objects instead of watching tv. i spend all week kicking bad habits....

and then without even realizing it i started up an old one. its like an alcoholic who stops drinking and starts smoking.

it made me think.... do we ever really kick our bad habits? or do we just trade them in for new ones???

it seems like i have some friends who really dont have bad habits... its really annoying... its like they grew up and ACTUALLY did everything their parents ever told them to.

i am not too worried about it though. i think i made a good trade at least... id rather be skinny with no nails than fat with a rockin' manicure. i guess its like i traded in my hyundai for a mini cooper.


SG said...

journey to LIFE:

let me tell you i have a bunch of bad habits that need to be changed or to be correct altered.
it is not like you wake up and say: today i am leaving all bad habits!!!

that is not how things really work, you have to create good habits and repeat doing them until they become a routine and then you will not find time for bad habits.

it is not easy but we can do it, it is not impossible at all.

and regards your "perfect" friends: where is the fun in that????

i love being with my flaws and working on my self to make a new and better me rather than staying flawless all the time.

between our mistakes and correcting those mistakes life happens, and it is gonna be great one if we succeed to improve ourselves.

SG said...

journey to LIFE...

sorry. i accidentally deleted your comment and had to repost it.

Maren said...

Personally I think we trade bad habits for new habits. Preferably for good ones. It's like a smoker quitting smoke, and turning to food. Making new habits takes ages it seems!

Monicalatour said...

It's funny because I feel the same way, I was doing so good not chewing my nails and then last night they are all gone :( But as you said Id rather be skinny with no nails, So For now i'll deal with one problem at at time, problem being my weight!!

bbubblyb said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog today it made me laugh, so true that so many clothes for large people look like they should be on a 6 yr old lol.

Yea the bad habits, I'm with Maren on this one it seems we trade addictions, just hopefully we pick ones that are good for us or at least not as bad as the old ones.

Sarah G said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog. :)

I don't have Yak Tracks, it rarely gets icy enough around here to use them and if does I'll just use the treadmill instead.