Thursday, December 22, 2011

Losing Weight Is Good For the Economy

going to the gym requires a lot of STUFF. my gym bag is full of STUFF

i have my mp3 player, earphones, mp3 player arm band holder thing (which is so tight on my upper arm it seriously looks like im about to have my blood drawn), gym membership card, hair ties, water bottles (i love me some camelbak water bottles!), BFL book, combination lock, TOM supplies, a snap-on bracelet wrist watch (so i can time my rest between sets) and clothes (if i am changing there).

all that was bad enough! but then i decided that i totally refuse to wait in line for dumbbells. so that means going to the gym in the morning before work when everyone else is still drooling on their pillows... here's the thing about smasher girl. she does NOT like getting up early. she is NOT a morning person. and no, im not a night owl either. i like being in bed by 9:30pm. im a mid-afternoon kind of girl. getting to work every morning is a major struggle. and i cannot have a job that requires me to walk in before 9am.

if the fact that i show up at 7am to a place that isnt PAYING me to be there doesnt prove that i am a changed girl, i dont know what does! but this whole getting to the gym before work thing means i have to take a shower there....

the first time i did this i just grabbed some samples of shampoo, conditioner, and soap that i had snagged from my doctor's office a million years ago, threw my towel and my work clothes in my gym bag and ran out the door. but once i got to the locker room and looked around, i realized i was very under prepared. there were cosmetic cases and blowdryers and curling irons and face lotions all over and i thought to myself.... man! i am going to need more STUFF.

im a very low maintenance person at the moment. i am not even bothering with mascara. and i am certainly not straightening my hair. (the only reason im even bothering to blowdry it is because i live in NY....and december is COLD.) so i was really shocked when i realized that i need a lot of stuff to get dressed in the morning. i broke down bought this on ebay.

isn't it super cute?? and then i went out and bought double of everything in my shower and double of everything i use in the morning. i even got these travel size bottles that i can refill and a case for my soap and toothbrush.

i also needed new sneakers. so i got these puppies... from ebay for $18.99 including shipping!!! i am soooo thrifty! (i love me some new balance 411's!!!)

whew!!! how are all you skinny girls not BROKE????

i have always had this deep dark secret desire to run a mile. i have tried to couch 2 5K twice and failed because i am too fat and too weak to run. i have asked many once-upon-a-time-fat-girl-turned-runner how they started running and they always have the same answer. they started walking on the treadmill as their workout... and then just some how started running.

here's the thing. walking is boring. so i dont do it. i prefer the elliptical or sitting elliptical or zumba or kickboxing or anything really. but i am making a point this time around to focus on my walking. you have to walk before you can run? (i was really hoping that wasnt true) it helps that my gym has individual tv's on the treadmills with remotes. and i dont have cable.

i have been tuning into CMT and before i know it, my 1/2 hour of cardio has FLOWN by. it feels good!!! i love this part at the end where my fancy treadmill tells me how awesome i did!


Monicalatour said...

you are so right, my gym bag is packed full of so much stuff, its kinda crazy, With out a doubt every time i take a shower there i forget my hair brush lol don't no why but i forget it every time by forgetting it i mean at home lol, I love when my work outs go super fast, The right music and I find my work outs go so great!

Anonymous said...

yes you are right, and that is why i stopped going to gym.
i prefer work out by my self.

regards walking, yes it is boring, but the way you feel after one week is amazing, kind of different relief!!!

for me i spent the time of walking just imagining me "thin" and me doing all the "thin people's stuff"
it works for me and love do it every day.

good luck for you

SG said...

i love that idea! i used to do that all the time to get me through the "run" portion of my C25K training. well, after a week i will let you know if i ACTUALLY feel amazing :-) i would work out at home but for some reason it just doesnt do it for me. i cant get into it mentally!

Anonymous said...

you will need it for the first two weeks then the result you see on your body will give you the motivation, because you will lose a lot of weight.

regards c25k, i love to start it but i am afraid to hurt my knees, i'll wait until i lose more weight, and totally going for it

Maren said...

You are so right! I don't have to deal with that stuff because I always go in the evening. I have my bottle, shoes, phone (mp3) and HRM! :D

Ronnie said...

When I was going to the gym, I had the exact same problem! What all to pack? And inevitably, it was never enough. Hated it!

I think walking is the first step. That being said, I love me some elliptical!